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Healthspan- Mind-Body Medicine and Fitness Bible


Paperback Edition



Finally a comprehensive book on mind-body medicine and fitness: why and how it works. Written for Healthcare institutions, fitness companies,trainers and mind-body fitness teachers of all kinds, as well as individuals. Based on the theory of the first book "Intended Evolution", here we recap some of the theory as it pertains to health and fitness and then delve into why and how the uniquely human mind can be harnessed for our own personal "internal medicine".                                                                                                         

HEALTHSPAN- Live Long and Die Young- is about living not just a long life, but a life which keeps all the important functions to maintain a healthy life: maximize our potential to have a long "Health-Span". This book explains the basis of why Mind-Body Medicine works allowing it to go way beyond it's current understanding and use. This is truly the "Mind-Body Medicine or "Bio-hackers" Bible.  Through what could be called "Self-care Healthcare" the reader will learn how our uniquely human brain allows us to control many aspects of what our intelligent internal cells and systems take their cues from: their environments. Through our Intended Evolution Fitness frameworks, or, "virtual environments" we can help you create personalized versions of what you already do, create programs for general health areas (see diabetes and weightless below).  We can all update and change our cells memory to better fit our personal goals in the modern environment.  

Healthspan & Intended Evolution Fitness Programs

The concept of fitness today is typically about a certain "fit" look, as described or defined in popular culture, and we at Intended Evolution Fitness believe it does not fully represent the idea of our health, and in fact may be working against your health and longevity depending on where in life you are. This book describes why this is so and how one can take the big view in analyzing what they really want out of a fitness program with some very surprising and counter intuitive results! Our weight loss suggestions for example arose out of a program designed in our Chinese Medicine Clinic for someone predisposed to weight gain, metabolism disorder, and diabetes, a main problem in today's modern society which leads to many other disease states. The recommendations run completely counter to the idea that one has to burn as many calories as possible to build muscle through will-power and motivation. The many modern versions of this theme that have proliferated are often frustrating and hard to keep up with as our age, goals, and lifestyles change. This book shows why most modern fitness trends are simply more versions of a very limited fitness paradigm. This book truly puts forward the next step in the evolution of what it means to "be fit" .

Link to: "An understanding of Mind-Body Medicine."

Intended Evolution Fitness provides powerful mind-body programs (including Fit-150, part of which is presented as examples in this book), specific to the needs of individuals, but also institutions or companies of all types.  We are especially interested in partnering with healthcare groups or institutions to conduct efficacy studies on any number of disease states.  To date we have seen remarkable anecdotal outcomes and have developed a protocol for those on diabetes related medications. We can be reached at this website or at our email:

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