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Intended Evolution Fitness

Welcome to Intended Evolution Fitness


Intended Evolution Fitness was created to translate the far reaching implications of the theory of "Intended Evolution- a new outlook on the workings of life" for use in furthering our health and longevity. The fact that all of our internal cells and systems have evolved in a cooperative interconnected manner brings new understanding of the power of our intentions to plan for our future and how it relates to health and fitness. Although physical activity is integral for health, this can be augmented by our uniquely human capacity to picture and plan for our future, including health and longevity, in virtually everything we do on a day to day basis.  We call this "Self-Care Healthcare"

Intended Evolution Fitness creates and consults on mind-body medicine & fitness programs for many health problems that are arising in todays modern environment. By using the framework of the original theory, internal systems and be "induced" to make changes and attempt to return to their healthful state, to function in the way they evolved to do.  To date we have published a book, "Healthspan"- which translates the original theory to explain why and how Mind-Body Medicine & Fitness works, is so important for healthcare going forward and includes the basics of our first fitness program "Fit-150" for metabolism and weight loss.

We are also actively seeking out partners to have studies done on our mind-body medicine templates and have specifically formulated a protocol for the metabolism program for use in metabolic syndrome related troubles such as diabetes and weight loss. For more information on this or other questions please contact us at:

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